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Do more with less

What if you could take your security playbook, easily connect it to your tools, and automate it while still employing human insights when needed? With Komand, you can do all that and more with powerful plugins and workflows that accelerate incident detection, response, and resolution.

Komand - Do More With Less

How Komand Helps

Connect your tools

Seamlessly connect all your existing
security tools with our library of plugins,
or import your own plugins.

Build dynamic workflows

Create powerful machine-to-machine
security automation with connect-and-go
workflows, no code necessary.

Utilize human decisions

Add human decision points to allow you
and your team to provide expert insight
when responding to security threats.

Respond to threats faster

Komand empowers your team
to respond faster and with
detailed analysis.

Save time and energy

Komand utilizes your team's
expertise to analyze and decide,
not manually fetch data.

Improve operational efficiency

Komand helps to streamline security processes which make your team more efficient and productive.