Komand was founded on principles of connectivity and openness

We are now proud to be part of Rapid7

IT and security operations teams are bogged down. They spend too much time performing manual, repetitive tasks and not enough time using their expertise to quickly and effectively respond. Given the volume of output generated from security tools, this leads to alert fatigue and ultimately missed intrusions.

We believe teams can do better. We believe they can be faster. We know that it’s not a matter of if a compromise happens, but when. And in order to combat these threats and keep systems running, IT and security tools need to be connected. Processes need to be efficient. As an industry, we need to start working together.

That’s why Komand was founded in late 2015. We have a vision that IT and cybersecurity can be better and that experts will collaborate as a community. How does Rapid7 Komand fit into this equation? Our platform makes day-to-day activities manageable for IT and security teams. They can now automate repetitive tasks and focus on decision making and responding. We also provide a space to share this automation and knowledge with the entire community. Combined, this connectivity and openness makes IT and cybersecurity better together.

Komand was acquired by Rapid7 in 2017.  Now, our connectivity and openness will be powered by Rapid7’s IT and Cyber Security data and analytics - making us all even better together!