Email Phishing Investigations

Detect malicious email content by automating routine investigatory tasks while still allowing for human insight.


Security Alert Data Enrichment

Automate the querying of logs and lookups to conserve your team’s time, and respond faster and more accurately.


Provisioning and Deprovisioning Users

Quickly automate the addition or removal of users to protect systems and information within your organization.


Privilege Escalation Investigations

When a user elevates privileges, it must be logged and reviewed. Automate the investigation from triage through response.


Compromised Credentials Containment

Automate and contain compromised credentials to protect systems and data within your organization when an incident occurs.


Malware Investigation and Containment

Malware has never posed more of a security risk. Automatically detect and contain malware before it does significant damage.


Automated Threat Hunting

Automate threat hunting procedures around suspicious malware, domain, and other indicators.


Proactive Vulnerability Assessments

Determine if a vulnerability has affected your company, and notify then assign vulnerability reports for triage.


IP and Domain Reputation and Scoring

Automate the scoring of an IP address or domain, and escalate results if scoring exceeds a threshold.


Security ChatOps

Using chat apps, rapidly build ‘bots’ that respond to queries, login history, and other use cases to leverage automation while performing research.


Automated Notification and Escalation

Determine assignment and SLA, attach event context, then notify and perform the appropriate escalation.


Many more!

Komand isn't just limited to the use cases listed here. Pretty much any security process you have, our platform can help you automate it!

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